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The Way to Oz


Descubra novas aventuras e outros segredos de Oz com a Dorothy e os seus amigos no mundo digital do Caminho de Oz.

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath and enter the best Yoga class, in the company of Dorothy and Cajó!

A video that promotes well-being, health, and tranquility, providing interaction between parents and children, and promoting focus and concentration - ideal for busy days.

Duration: 9:57 min


Mãos à Obra

Sê criativo e engenhoso, construindo adereços do espetáculo. É só colocar as "Mãos à obra!"


Your time to sing!

Feel like the artist in the family! It’s your time to sing... The music of Oz!

Create moments of great family fun by being part of the biggest show this Christmas, singing “Aqui em Oz" and “Quem me dera ter miolos". And the choreography, do you still remember it?


Spells for Dummies

Dr. Zé Palha teaches the most fun experiments to do at home.

Stimulate your curiosity and discover the best of science with an activity where parents and children will learn, in a safe way, to make spells without a wand, using materials that we use every day at home.

Duration: 5:50 min.


Dorothy's Adventures

Dorothy introduces the most beautiful bedtime stories... told by characters from the World of Oz that you already know and by others you will come to know.

Parents and children can fall asleep to the sound of the best adventures and secrets never before revealed.

Histórias de OzzzzzZZZZzz 😴


João Latão

Zé Palha




Porteiro de Oz

Tia Emília



Aqui em Oz

Os Aona Aonadês

No Caminho de Oz

Quem me dera ter Miolos

O Coração que não tenho

Até ao Fim

A Nossa Casa

Aqui em Oz (reprise)

Technical Credits

Dorothy | Filipa Saavedra

Zelda | Vânia Blubird

Zé Palha | João Pedro Leal

João Latão | Ricardo Ferreira

Cajó | Carlos Gonçalves

Yoga Instructor | Nuno Azevedo

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