Following the Yellow Brick Road

On October 15, the O Feiticeiro de Oz no Gelo team arrived for the first time in the Emerald City. Since that day, our cast and crew have been working hard and smiling so that the experience for the visitors to Oz is full of joy and magic.

Between readings, music and skating rehearsals we are creating a truly unique show and feel that this road down the yellow brick road has a lot to tell!

Are you ready for this adventure? We are counting on you!


The message of this show is very special and intends to convey that one's inner strength and self-love are important and that there is nothing and no one who can say otherwise. The approach to mental health is our purpose, which gives the motto for this musical to be, besides magical and entertaining, highly motivational and inspiring.

We want all visitors to Oz to carry this message in their hearts: "THE MAGIC YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS IN YOU"!

Translated with DeepL

It is already on November 26 that, without knowing how or why, our dear Dorothy will land in Oz and embark on an exciting adventure full of surprises to reach the presence of the mysterious Wizard.

But she's not going alone! Along the way she will meet a brainless scarecrow, a lion with a lack of confidence, and a rather romantic tin man. Will an unlikely friendship ensue? After all, none of this was foreseen until it happened... In this show you will experience that, in the midst of all the adventures and spells, and after overcoming all the obstacles together, "friendship is the greatest magic of all".

Join us in this adventure. We are waiting for you IN THE ROAD TO OZ!

A partir de agora, e até dia 08 de Janeiro, este é o nosso lar. E mal podemos esperar para que possam vir viver esta história connosco! Vamos, juntos, festejar?

Nunca esqueçam: “A Magia que procuras está em TI”.

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